Being a neurosurgeon, I deal with the diagnosis and operative treatment of diseases which are related to the brain, spinal cord and the peripheral nerves. As for an example, brain surgeries are performed to remove tumors and foreign body or to ease from raised pressure after cerebral hemorrhage. During surgical interventions in the spinal cord deficiencies can be repaired, tumors removed or a diseased intervertebral disc treated.
But a neurosurgeon deals with a lot more. With the development of technology, new diseases and deficiencies arise in the field of my expertise which has to be first realized and then treated.
With this website, I want to share information about diagnosis and treatment in the field of neurosurgery in order to help ill but also interested people and colleagues as well. Please join the ride through the world of neurosurgery and click on the menu or on each part of the spinal column on the right side.

Yours Abbas Montazem, MD

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